Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro
Department of Slavic Studies
Brown University

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Michael Shapiro, Professor Emeritus of Slavic and Semiotic Studies at Brown University, was born in Yokohama, spent World War II in Japan, and grew up speaking Russian, Japanese, and English. He earned degrees in Slavic Languages and Literatures at UCLA (A. B., ‘61) and Harvard (A. M., ‘62; Ph. D. ‘65). Besides Brown and Columbia, he has taught at UCLA, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and Green Mountain College, and has given over one hundred public lectures to academic audiences in the United States, Canada, China, and Europe.

He is the co-author, with his late wife, the medievalist and Renaissance scholar Marianne Shapiro, of Figuration in Verbal Art (1988) and The Sense of Form in Literature and Language (2nd ed., 2009). An expanded second edition of his book, The Speaking Self: Language Lore and English Usage, was published by Springer in 2017. His most recent book, published in 2019, is On Language and Value in American Speech: With a Semeiotic Appendix (Riga [Latvia]: Lambert Academic Publishing).