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Peter Pouncey

Amherst College

Peter Pouncey is the Burnell-Fobes Professor of Greek Emeritus and President Emeritus at Amherst College.  He received a Ph.D. in 1969 from Columbia University. He served as Dean of Columbia College, Professor of Classics, and chairman of the Contemporary Civilization program at Columbia before becoming President of Amherst College in 1984, where he served for ten years. After retiring from that position he became part of the Columbia Community again, and has been a member of the Society of Senior Scholars since 1999. In addition to Classical studies, he has taught Literature Humanities in the Core Curriculum here. His publications include many papers on classic literature and humanistic education, and studies such as The Necessities of War: A Study of Thucydides' Pessimism (1980), which won the Lionel Trilling Award for Columbia's best scholarly publication, l98l.  He is also author of the novel, Rules for Old Men Waiting, (2005). He has received many awards, including the Great Teacher award and the Alexander Hamilton Medal for Distinguished Service, and six honorary degrees.