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April 30, 2010

The Development of the Global Core—Discussion and Luncheon

Second Floor Common Room, Heyman Center for the Humanities

Patricia Grieve
Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Professor in the Humanities
Columbia University


At this third in our series on the Core Curriculum, Patricia Grieve, Chair of the committee at the College charged with developing the new ‘Global Core’  requirement, presented her committee’s thinking. A lively discussion followed about the practical and intellectual challenges in extending the concept of small discussion, text-based, required classes, i.e., the Core model, to other cultures. The discussion was realistic in part because of the presence of ex-Department Chairs, ex-Deans, an ex-Provost, and an ex-Vice-President among the Senior Scholars, as well as Roosevelt Montas the Director of the Core, Rachel Chung from the Committee on Asia and the Middle East and College Dean Michelle Moody-Adams.